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Ultimate Lead Targeting & Remarketing Ads

Dealer InLine’s Ultimate Lead Targeting & Remarketing Ads (ULTRA) gives dealers the ability to remove themselves from under performing 3rd party used car portals.

ULTRA provides the highest converted leads based on the bottom of the funnel strategy through use of a multi-functional marketing approach that encompasses SEO, social, and inventory data, allowing for organic/SEO improvements. At the end of the day, this approach provides the healthiest Cost Per Lead acquisition with the ability to improve based on dealers best practices and social strength.

ULTRA will utilize the lost traffic within your website (online B-back), track success through sold units and those sources that contributed, exploit your data through a bottom of the funnel approach, generate opportunities through your new car and used car inventory, and fully utilize co-op pay. 

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ULTRA deliverables:

  • Re-Targeting Campaign: Track users digital footprint and present vehicles in ads of interest throughout the internet.
  • Qualified Leads: Lead personal info (phone number) linked to desired vehicle of choice, make, model, stock number, and VIN.
  • Seamless CRM integration: New Leads are instantly forwarded to your CRM with relevant data for quick contact for sales team.
  • Reporting: End of month report includes monthly campaign, report breakdown, co-op compliant proofs, leads spreadsheet, auditing.
  • Monthly Performance Reviews: Optimization of the campaign, future strategies, and performance.

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