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Track, Research, Gather, Ethnic Targeting

Dealer InLine’s Track, Research, Gather, Ethnic Targeting (TRGET) extracts potential missed ethnic opportunities through inventory embedding, SEO strategies, and language placement.

TRGET was created to provide a competitive advantage through improving customer experience (CX) and the ability to pull unsolicited traffic towards dealer inventory, which in turn strengthens their online ethnic presence for additional lead generation.

TRGET will utilize the lost traffic within your website (online B-back), track success through sold units and those sources that contributed, exploit your data through a bottom of the funnel approach, generate opportunities through your new car and used car inventory, and fully utilize co-op pay.

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The TRGET approach:

    • Inventory Embedding: Organically optimizing all inventories (both copy and image), live inventory tagging and UX placement.
    • SEO Strategies: Utilizing inventory, ethnic landing page (text, images, video), blog posts and bio/profile integrations.
    • Language Placement: Genuine translations on inventory descriptions, unique blog content and banner transitions all specific to that ethnicity.

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