Dealer InLine

Dealer InLine’s BOOST program (Build and Optimize Online Services & Tools) offers full optimization of all your dealership’s online opportunities, tailored specifically to your store’s branding. Working together in a proactive partnership with management, BOOST brings everything together for a smooth user experience (UX) between the dealership and its gateway to consumers.

Customized reporting

Complete analysis of online portfolio
How are you doing?

Competitive independent review
How do you compare?

Review of in-store & online marketing operations
What can you do better?

Dealership vendor portfolio
What is working for you?

Ongoing interactions with all departments
Is your dealership staying on top?

Workshop with management to review and identify resources, and define action steps

Customized online marketing strategy
What is the best approach for your dealership?

Understanding vendor technologies
What do you really need?

Learned online practices
How do you implement?

Comprehensive understanding of online landscape

Detailed plan of action to implement the most cost effective online strategies for your dealership

Change of current marketing processes to be competitive in today’s online landscape

Confidence in utilizing entire online portfolio

Continually monitor and recommend improvements throughout all interactions

Monthly maintenance to align and implement strategies

See an Immediate Improvement with a complimentary sample report customized for your dealership.