Dealer InLine

Dealer InLine provides a holistic approach to managing in-store and online marketing operations for automotive dealerships.


Implementation of a customized in-store assessment to improve customer experience

  • •   3rd party evaluation of all customer touch points
  • •   Restructuring of manufacturer initiatives to align with dealership marketing strategy
  • •   Recommendation of technologies to improve customer flow through out all departments


Optimization of automotive vendor relationships for better utilization and cost efficiencies

  • •   Creation of a proactive partnership between dealership management and vendor partners to best utilize product offerings
  • •   Introduction to new technologies to better serve your dealership


Coordination of all online activities to increase brand strength and performance

  • •   Implementation of the most cost effective
    online strategies for your dealership
  • •   Comprehensive understanding of online landscape
  • •   Optimal online performance
  • •   Increase dealer Reputation
  • •   Increase customer opportunities
Want to see an Immediate Improvement?
  • Customized reporting
  • Complete analysis of online portfolio
    How are you doing?
  • Competitive independent review
    How do you compare?
  • Review of in-store & online marketing operations
    What can you do better?
  • Dealership vendor portfolio
    What is working for you?
  • Ongoing interactions with all departments
    Is your dealership staying on top?
  • Workshop with management to review and identify resources, and define action steps
  • Customized online marketing strategy
    What is the best approach for your dealership?
  • Understanding vendor technologies
    What do you really need?
  • Learned online practices
    How do you implement?
  • Comprehensive understanding
    of online landscape
  • Detailed plan of action to implement the most cost effective online strategies for your dealership
  • Change of current marketing processes to be competitive in today's online landscape
  • Confidence in utilizing entire online portfolio
  • Continually monitor and recommend improvements throughout all interactions
  • Monthly maintenance to align and implement strategies

Our Inputs

  • Leaders in Digital Marketing
  • Coordination of Online Tools
  • Efficient Vendor Engagement
  • Facilitate Interatcions
  • Online Knowledge Base
  • Shared Best Practices
  • Dealership Experience
  • Synchronized Relationship

Your Outputs

  • Increased Cost Savings
  • Optimal Online Performance
  • Increased Brand Recognition
  • Improved Dealer Reputation
  • Progressive Lead Management
  • Increased Customer Opportunities
  • Better Customer Experience

See an Immediate Improvement with a complimentary sample report customized for your dealership.