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What is ADMIN?

Active Dealer Marketing INterface

Dealer InLine’s Active Dealer Marketing INterface (ADMIN) is an interactive platform utilized by Dealer Principals and Managing Partners that gives a complete overview and assessment of all the dealerships marketing strategies and interactions. It provides the insight needed to stay on top of their customer engagement touchpoints and ensures constant access to accurate and complete information for both improving dealership communications and providing a better customer experience.

ADMIN will allow dealers to understand deficiencies in their marketing processes from their full suite of digital avenues including Website, Reputation, Search Engines, Inventories, Vendors Relations, Internal/External Marketing Communications, Securities, Secret Shops, & Aftersales Touchpoints and provides them with the information and tools needed to run these processes more efficiently within their dealership.

ADMIN is overseen by an experienced automotive team which will constantly monitor the dealership’s online presence and marketing processes, identify any errors, make suggestions for improvements, and provide overall help to position the dealership and ensure the optimal customer engagement.

The platform allows a quick and easy exchange of communication to resolve any issues and clarify any further action items and tasks.

“It’s like having a birds-eye perspective of all your marketing opportunities”

ADMIN will:

  • Provide a complete understanding and overview of their dealership marketing position
  • Allow an easy and simple way to understand and implement changes quickly
  • Give knowledge and confidence to influence the dealership culture towards better customer experience
  • Save time and multiple levels of communications

Let your ADMIN assist you in improving your dealerships!

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